Updated: Mar 11

Kia has been a well-known brand that makes reliable and pocket-friendly cars overseas. Kia is owned by Hyundai which means that it is a Korean brand. Hyundai has achieved success in India over the year and is expecting Kia to do the same. There first car in India the Seltos is gaining success by selling 10,000+ units every month. But there is also a new major competitor of the Kia Seltos the MG Hector which is also selling in high numbers.

Here are the Top 3 reasons why the Seltos is better than the Hector


The MG Hector is a super good looking car with led headlights, taillights and is bigger than the Seltos but the boxy design, bigger wheel arches having small wheels make it look a little less exciting.

On the other hand, the Kia Seltos with the attractive front end, well-designed alloys, exiting dual-tone colors, red color accents in the top-end variant, etc. make it look better than the Hector.


The built quality of the Seltos stands out. Everything is well put together, seats are more comfortable but have less airy feeling than hector because of the smaller sunroof.

Whereas in the MG the plastics feel cheaper, not so well put together and the black interior look less expensive but the bigger sunroof adds airiness to the cabin.


The main highlight of the Hector is the 10.4-inch vertical oriented touchscreen with an infinity speaker system. It only has Apple car play. But in real life it is laggy and slow, MG claims than the system will get better with updates but as of now it is okay to use . the major complaint of the customers is that due to the vertically oriented touchscreen there is no space left for putting the air conditioning controls so MG integrated them into the touchscreen system itself. As per this, the person driving finds it difficult to use the AC controls and have to get his eyes off the road but the system being laggy and slow adds more difficulty in using the controls.

The Kia's 10.25-inch horizontal touchscreen is super smooth and easy to use. It has a Bose speaker system. It consists of apple car play and android auto.AC controls are separate. It has an inbuilt air purifier.


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