Suzuki S-cross ownership review

The S-cross has always been an underrated car despite being reliable, feature-loaded, powerful, and fun to drive. Almost all Maruti cars are sold like hot cakes in India but this one doesn't. The build quality was also a level above its siblings. It is one of the best crossovers in India. Today we are going to give you an ownership review by Mr. Himanish Panicker who is a proud owner of Maruti Suzuki S-cross 1.3.

Car: Maruti Suzuki S-cross

Variant: Zeta 1.3

Year: 2016

Engine: 1.3L Multijet (a 1.6L was also available)

1) Why only S-cross instead of other cars in the segment?

- I bought it because founded it reliable cause it's a Maruti. And he didn't prefer Hyundai Creta because of its handling and nor the duster because of its heavyweight.. he found S-cross a reliable, fuel-efficient, and affordable as compared to the other rival.


- It's reliability and fuel efficiency. This car is an exceptional Maruti car because it has great built quality as one day I had an accident with a Mahindra Bolero and still, it just got a small dent. S-cross has a good quality of interiors as well as great handling on the highways and is a very stable car.


- It has an underpowered engine that is also there in the Swift too. its front bumper is so lowered that it got lots of scratches over it due to the things which it gets touched present on roads.

4) Problems faced

- The tires of the car rubbed off only in 60000 kms. The problem arrived with me recently is that it's steering mounted controls weren't working and there is always a problem to connect your phone with a Bluetooth. Even after 60000+ kms the clutch plate was fine but for our satisfaction, we changed it at 28000 rupees.

5) After-sale service

- as everyone knows that S-cross is a Maruti car and no doubt aftersales service is superb. There wasn't a problem as such but recently we went to the service center for the service of my car and they didn't change the engine oil and didn't clean the car so well.

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