Few reasons why Skoda is not able to sell the Kodiaq much

Updated: Mar 11

Skoda Kodiaq is an excellent luxury SUV below Rs 50 lakhs. It so luxury that it might remind you of and Audi and it sure will because Skoda and Audi both are under Volkswagen so there would be some part sharing. It's so nice that you would love to be driven in this car every day its that good. But why this car is not able to sell much in a country which is crazy about SUV? Here are a few reasons why its Skoda is not able to sell this much:

1. Size

The Kodiaq is a decent sized car according to its purpose but its competitors The Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner make it look like a baby. We Indian are more attracted to big and beefy looking SUVs like Endeavour.

2. Capabilities

Most of the time we judge a car and its capabilities by its size. We want our SUVs to have off-road capabilities, Kodiaq can also go off-road as it has an All-Wheel Drive system but in this category, the Fortuner and Endeavour shines and therefore people get attracted to them.

3. Engine

The top-end variant Fortuner comes with a 2800cc 4 cylinder diesel motor and top-end variant of Endeavour comes with a huge 3200cc 5 cylinder engine meanwhile the Kodiaq gets a 2000cc diesel motor.

4. After-sales service

We Indians trust on Japanese brands more like Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, etc . than any other brand because of their availability of spare parts and after-sale services, but Skoda is a German brand and their parts are difficult to find, costly to replace and their after-sales service is decent but expensive.

In our opinion, Skoda Kodiaq is a very nice car with many amazing first in segment features. And is worth the purchase. But if you are a good Car caretaker then only buy this car. This car also be used for city driving because of its size.


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