Hyundai I20 Active Ownership review

Hyundai has been in India for a long time now, and since then it has made a very good reputation in the market. Their cars are pocket friendly and very reliable. Hyundai's premium hatchback the i20 is one of the best and most selling cars in India. After seeing the success of i20 in the Indian market, Hyundai decided to launch a crossover version of the i20, so in 2015 they launched the i20 Active in India. After it's launch it became the best car in the crossover the segment and was as good and reliable as other Hyundai cars. Today we are going to give you an ownership review by Navdeep Singh Dhillon who is a proud owner of the Hyundai I20 Active.

Car: Hyundai i20 Active

Variant: SX

Year: 2015

Engine: 1.4L CRDi (Diesel) engine

1) Why i20 Active?

- Because at that time, I had i20 Active, Cross Polo, and Etios Cross as the options I can go for. I Wanted a diesel Crossover Hatchback with Good Aftersales service, Good Performance, and good aesthetics. Cross Polo is expensive to maintain, Etios cross has less power output. So, I was left with i20 Active Diesel as the best option for me.

2) Pros

- Design

- List of Features on offer

- Punchy Diesel motor with Frugality

- Spacious Cabin

3) Cons

- instrument cluster lacks Mileage info., Distance to empty like important features.

- AC sometimes isn't as effective in summers as other cars.

- Some passengers may feel claustrophobic at the back seat because of it's black interior.

- The back seat can't accommodate 3 healthy adults as good as Nexon or any other wider cars.

4) Problems faced

- While engaging Reverse gear, it doesn't get engaged for the first time somehow.

- Sometimes my infotainment system gets hanged earlier.

5) After-sales service

- Aftersales service is awesome. And maintaining is very easy because it's design resembles Elite i20, so it gets some parts from its sibling.

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