Few reasons why the new Honda Civic Failed in India!

Updated: Apr 11

We Indians love the old Civic, It was on sale in India from 2006-2013 and Honda sold about 55,000 units of the car. We loved the Civic because of its sporty looks, the comfort on offer, it’s 1.8L VTEC engine and it's driving dynamics.

We didn’t expect Honda to re-launch the Civic in India, but surprisingly the next-gen Civic was launched in India in 2019. As the previous-gen Civic was amazing, we had high expectations from the New Civic, but unfortunately, the New Civic lost its charm. Here are a few reasons why the New Civic failed in India.

1. No manual

As the previous-gen Civic was very enjoyable and fun to drive thanks to its awesome handling, manual transmission, and 1.8L high revving motor, the new Civic also has a 1.8L VTEC motor but it is only available in a CVT gearbox, but the handling is still good tho.

2. No Diesel engine

Because of the BS6 norms, Honda discontinued the majority of its diesel engines including the 1.6L diesel motor offered in the Civic. Lack of diesel engine will definitely affect the sales figure of this car because the majority of the D-segment sedan buyers buy diesel. Maybe Honda will re-introduce a diesel engine for the Civic but as of now you only have a 1.8L petrol engine.

3. Strong Competitor

The Civic’s major competitor is the Skoda Octavia. It offers better driving experience, more comfort, more features, better gearbox, more premium feel and it is also available in a diesel engine. The top-end ZX variant of the Civic costs 21.24 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) and the top-end L&K variant of the Octavia cost 23.59 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi). Yes, Octavia is more expensive but it is a better car overall.

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